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American Steel vs. China Steel

5 Differences Between China Steel And American Steel In Gun Safes

by James Forrester
Keep Guns Safe

When buying a gun safe, you may come across safes made with American or Chinese steel. Don’t be swayed by the cheap prices or fake guarantees; Chinese steel isn’t worth your time or money. In actuality, Chinese steel has several vulnerabilities that American steel does not.

1.    American Steel Is 3 Times Stronger Than Chinese

Although the exact difference may vary, American gun safe steel is generally three times stronger than its Chinese counterpart. This means that it’s less likely to be broken into and it will last longer since its structural integrity is much more reliable.

When looking for reliable gun safes, you want to go for the highest quality steel possible. The clear winner is American when looking purely at steel strength.

2.    American Steel Has Lower Oxidation Levels

In addition to its higher overall strength, American steel has lower oxidation levels than Chinese steel. This means that American steel is less likely to rust over time and it will degrade much more slowly than the competition.

A safe that degrades more slowly is one that you can rely on for many more years than a cheap safe made of subpar steel. Your gun safe should serve you for at least several years before you start to look for a replacement.

A gun safe that doesn’t oxidize very quickly, like one made with American steel, can also safely be stored outside without worrying about its quality dipping over time. This opens up more storage options and allows you to keep your guns in your garage if your in-home storage space is at a premium.

3.    American Steel Is Tamper-Resistant

Gun safes are supposed to be secure, right? American steel is the way to go, since this kind of steel is much more tamper-resistant than Chinese steel.

Burglars will often go for guns if they ever break into your home when you’re not around. Guns are valuable and can be pawned for significant cash. But a gun safe that resists tampering and is hard to break into will help to keep your firearms safe from all but the most determined criminals.

4.    American Steel Is Often 8 Times Thicker

In addition to its higher strength, American steel is also eight times thicker on average than Chinese steel. This means that even particularly industrious burglars won’t be able to cut through your gun safe and get to the guns in any speedy amount of time.

Basically, a gun safe that has steel as thick as American is much more secure than a safe with steel that can be easily cut through. Thick steel means that there’s really only one way to get inside: the door.

5.    American Steel Is Made With The Environment In Mind

Finally, American steel is usually made by companies that are bound by strict environmental regulations to reduce pollution and protect the environment. While this doesn’t directly affect the quality of your gun safe, it does help protect the planet that we all live in.

By contrast, Chinese steel is often made with no regard for other people. Many folks don’t feel right purchasing steel from companies that have such a disregard for the environment.


All in all, American steel has so many advantages compared to Chinese steel that the decision is a no-brainer. When you are looking for the best gun safe for your needs, go for one made with American steel over Chinese. The best gun safes are made with this stuff!