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Vault Doors

Champion vault doors

  • Color options in single tone gloss, two-tone gloss, and textured.
  • Out-swing and in-swing options are available.
  • Double plate steel door: Champion vault doors are constructed of two thick, A36 carbon steel panels with sandwiched fire insulation. This design gives greater rigidity, hence more security and better fire protection.
  • Active boltworks: According to many lock-smiths, Champion Safe Company has “the strongest, smoothest boltworks in the industry.” Active bolts are featured on all Champion vault doors—no cheap deadbolts.
  • Three external hinges: To support the weight of Champion’s massive vault door, external ball-bearing hinges are used. External hinges offer greater rigidity and a wider door opening.
  • Inside door quick release for safety: For safety and added security, a quick-release lever is installed to the interior side of the vault door for the prevention of accidental lock-ins and fast release of the locking mechanism within the door.
  • Royce roll bar: Because of the massive vault door’s weight, a Royce roll bar has been added to provide a secure hand-hold for opening and closing the door. It relieves the locking mechanism handle from bearing the weight.