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• We recommend manual S&G group 2 locks or La Guard digital locks. Those are the two best locks available. (about 90% of safes we sell go out with manual locks because they don’t fail.)

• We recommend plate steel door construction (very, very difficult to pry), unlike the two leading national advertised brands have hollow composite doors: very easily pried. We keep a few of our competitor safes on our floor to let you feel the difference in construction.

• We recommend Go Big, or as big as your space allows. Number 1 thing we hear from our past customers is “I should have gone bigger!”

• We recommend a double or triple expandable fire seal around internal door frame, if you are looking for better fire/smoke protection.

• We recommend full continues welds, not spot welded frames.

• We recommend and carry safes made from all American steel & components.

  • We recommend using our delivery options. These safes are not Tin boxs from China, They are Top Heavy and can be dangerous to move. Our moving companies are Insured and Licensed. Safety and Security are priority’s!