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Delivery & Moving

If you are looking to get a safe moved, give Jeff a call for a free quote(218-454-1520)! Fully Licensed and Insured!

Pape’s Moving LLC is based in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area! We travel throughout the whole state doing professional safe moving! We have delivered/moved over 10,000 safes and vaults successfully with our extensive knowledge, experience and proper equipment! Most gun safes we deliver or move weigh between 450lbs – 3,500lbs. But we can move safes up to 5,000 pounds. Moving Gun Safes is our specialty! We move Gun Safes and vaults for many local reputable moving companies within the Brainerd Lakes Area, who do not have the proper equipment! Even they rely on professionals like us to get your safe moved safely and effectively with no damage to the gun safe or homeowners property!

With Pape’s Moving, trust that they use the most sophisticated safe moving equipment in Minnesota and will treat your home as if were their own! The majority of our in-home safe deliveries are within 150 miles of Brainerd. If you would like to purchase a safe on hand, delivery can be within 2-3 weeks and sometimes sooner! We schedule most moves on Mondays but are more than willing to work with your schedule!

When moving heavy safes, great care and consideration is taken into account! Most general moving companies do not have trained professional staff that can safely handle the safes we move. Gun Safes are not like furniture! It takes special training and the right staff! We have the experience and equipment to move the most cumbersome safes without damaging the safe or homeowners property! On average our company moves between 35-40 heavy safes per week using only skilled professionals!

Our delivery team have families/children of their own and understand the importance of proper gun security. Moving safes can be very dangerous, so think twice before you do it yourself! Call Today

The Main Companies That we use Are:

Pape’s Moving LLC, 19167 Soder Rd, Brainerd MN 56401. Contact- Jeffrey Pape (507-227-9027)

Blue Line Moving, Motley MN- Jeremy Pape (320-309-4127)

We recommend using our delivery options! These Gun Safes are not Tin boxs from China, They are Top Heavy and can be dangerous to move. Our moving companies are Insured and Licensed. Safety and Security are priority’s! Safe MOVING is What we DO!